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What is comment tag in HTML?

A comment tag is a HTML tag that is used to add comments to a HTML page. A HTML comment tag must have:

    1. <!– at the beginning of the comment.
    2. Text or HTML markup in between.
    3. –> at the end of the comment.
  • An example of a single-line HTML comment tag is:

    <!-- This is a single line HTML comment -->

    If you want to comment out a whole HTML section, you can use a multi-line HTML comment as shown below:

    <!-- This is a multi-line HTML comment
      It contains a lot of HTML content inside it.
      <div id="header">
        <h1 id="my-logo" class="title">Picture learner</h1>
        <h2 class="subtitle">Learn through pictures and sounds</h2>

    Any text inside the comment tag is not visible to the reader on the browser. You can view the comments when you click:  “view page source” on a browser.

    You can use the comment tags to:

    • insert comments in the source code
  • When you are writing the HTML code, you can use the comment to explain what each section of the code is doing.

    • hide part of a webpage from being displayed.
  • You can use HTML comment tag to comment out HTML code. If you have a part of a webpage that you want to hide it but not delete it, then HTML comment tag is your best bet. This way, you can hide a whole section of a HTML page from being viewed on the browser.

    You can use comments to explain your code, which can help you when you edit the source code at a later date. This is especially useful if you have a lot of code.