html practice project ideas

Back when I was learning HTML, I had a hard time coming up with HTML practice project ideas. You may be going through the same challenge. I made this list so that you don’t waste time trying to find ideas.

The ideas in this list are open-ended. You can choose a unique angle for the ideas that I have presented. I have seperated the ideas into 9 categories.

1. Hobby HTML project ideas

drone and rc plane project ideas

If you have any hobby, find some content to share about your hobby be it pictures or videos that you want to appear on your web page. If you are into building projects this hobby section should excite you.

  • Drones website ideas
  • RC aeroplanes webpage idea
  • Paper planes building project idea
  • Matchstick rockets project idea
  • Building kites hobby project idea


2. People HTML project ideas

Athletic child

  • Celebrity Crush page project idea
  • About me project idea page
  • A tribute page
  • Political party’s page
  • Politician’s page

3. Food project ideas

  • Recipe ideas project idea
  • Wines collection project idea
  • Expensive wines HTML project idea

4. Pets Projects ideas

pet dogs

  • Succulents Plants HTML project idea
  • Pet dog HTML project idea
  • Cats HTML project idea

5. Tutorial project ideas: Teach any skill. How to projects.

  • Learn to knit HTML project idea
  • Learn to shoot a video with a phone.
  • Learn how to edit pictures HTML project idea.
  • Learn how to design logos HTML project idea.

6. Interests topics for HTML projects

  • Elite Military teams HTML project ideas
  • Innovative Energy systems HTML project idea

7. Local HTML projects ideas

  • Local competition HTML project idea
  • Local festival HTML project idea
  • Local football club HTML project idea
  • Local extracurricular club HTML project idea
  • Local Camping site HTML project idea

8. Lists type HTML projects ideas

  • Football Player HTML project idea
  • Camping trip gear HTML project idea
  • Hiking trip gear HTML project idea
  • Rock climbing gear HTML project idea
  • List of Jetfighter owned by the US/ Russia/ Britain HTML project idea
  • Your favourite band playlist HTML project idea
  • A bucket list ideas HTML project idea

9. Other HTML project ideas

  • A poem  HTML project
  • Questionnaire about anything HTML project
  • Lyrics to a song HTML project
  • Space Rocket launch  HTML project idea
  • Global warming HTML project idea
  • Volunteer experience  HTML project idea
  • NGO organisation’s work  HTML project idea
  • Favourite movie or series HTML project idea
  • Favourite character, actor or actress HTML project idea
  • A Country HTML project idea
  • Non-obvious tourist destination HTML project idea 
  • Local initiative project HTML project idea
  • Facebook post-like HTML project idea page
  • Tweet post HTML project idea
  • Science experiments HTML project idea
  • Tell a story HTML project idea
  • Product review e.g. book HTML project idea

HTML project ideas for students

If you are a student, and you have been given an HTML assignment project, don’t worry. If the teacher gave a you a topic list to choose from, pick one that you find interesting.

Then, try and figure what you are going to include in your project. Think of what you are curious about that topic. Think of the questions you have, and then write them down.

Then you can research that online and prepare some notes and links to the sources. After that you can go ahead and create the project using my step-by-step process to create your project.

HTML project ideas for Teachers

If you are a teacher, you can encourage students to explore a topics of their interest.

Also, you can pick one broad area that you are learning together as a class and ask s create a personalized HTML project to showcase what they are learning or how they will apply their knowledge.

Picking an idea for your project

If you didn’t find any idea that you like, there are 2 ways that I can help you:

  1. Pick an idea that you thought was interesting and personalise it.
  2. List your interests/ hobbies and google something interesting about them. Then make a page of what you finally come up with.

As you read through the projects list and get an idea, explore it.

Content for your project

Once you have chosen an idea, you need to find/ create content in the form of text, videos and images. There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can write the content yourself. However, if writing the content gets in the way of practising HTML, go with the second method.
  2. You can get content under Creative Commons license. If you are truly not inspired, got to Wikipedia and get some of the content there. I suggested Wikipedia because most if not all content is open source. Give proper attribution when you use someone’s content. 

Please share more ideas in the comments below.

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