Dev Practical

Useful Resources

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  1. HTML and CSS Books

  1. HTML and CSS Online Courses

There alot of resources that can teach you HTML and CSS. Based on my experience, these courses offered on these websites are suitable and relevant for beginners.

  1. Text/ Code Editors

You will be using text editors to write HTML, CSS and Javascript. I recommend the following text editors.

  1. Code Sharing:

When you need to share your code with others, you can use these two code sharing website.

  1. Publishing Your Website online

To take your website from your own computer and share it with the world, you need to publish it on a web server. A web host provides a web server, where you can publish you website.

You can use the following web hosts to publish your website online.

  1. Buy domain name

You can buy your domain name from any seller. I use Bitsimba to buy my domains. I use them because I can pay using Mpesa wallet. You can also host a Wordpress or HTML website with them and get SSL without additional cost.

Remember, any host can sell you a domain name and then you can point it to your prefered host.