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HTML and CSS Tutorials

Learning HTML and CSS can seem complicated.

With our tutorials, you only learn the essential parts of creating websites.

Don't overwhelmed by all the things everyone tell you must learn.

Learn HTML Basics

If you are just starting out, I recommend you start by learning the basics of HTML. You will get to interact with a lot of examples in the basic HTML Tutorial.

Basic HTML Tutorial

Learn CSS guide

CSS is the next language to learn after learning HTML. CSS will help you make your website look amazing. Learn the skills that will make you a CSS Ninja using the following 5 tutorials.

Learn CSS Basics

Create HTML and CSS website projects

Create your First HTML Project

If you already have HTML basics skill, The next step is to follow along the 9 steps for creating your first HTML project. Practice HTML by creating your first HTML project(Step by step tutorial).

Create a HTML Project

create a project through HTML & CSS Project-based tutorials

You can now pick one project-based HTML & CSS tutorial and use it create a project from start to finish. Choose one project based tutorial and build the project as you learn.

Project based HTML & CSS tutorial

Create a project from HTML CSS projects list

You can choose a project from a list of popular HTML CSS projects for beginner and adapt it to your own areas of interest. Pick a project from HTML CSS projects and build it. You can always search online for solutions incase you get stuck.

Publish HTML and CSS website projects Online

You will not run out of ideas of projects you can build thanks to our list of project ideas, project-based tutorials.

HTML Practice Projects

By now, you should be confident enough to attempt building a project on your own. Pick a project from HTML-only projects and build it. You can always search online for solutions incase you get stuck.

Pick a project from the list of HTML only projects and build it from scratch.

HTML-only Projects

Publish HTML Project

Once the project is complete, you might want to share it with the world. You have to find a suitable home for your project to live. Two such places are Github and Codepen.

Publish your HTML project online and share it with the world.

Publish on Codepen
Publish on Github

Happy Coding,

-- Avic Ndugu

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