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How to Make Div Background Color Transparent in CSS

You can make the background color of a div transparent using CSS color values with transparency(rgba() and hsla()) or using opacity property. Make Background Color Transparent Start by creating a div with a background image. Then add another div that sits over the div with background image. <div class="back-container"> <div... Read more

How to Add Background Image in HTML using CSS[Complete Guide]

Adding a background image to your website can help capture your website visitors attention. A background picture also focuses the attention of the readers to the text appearing ontop the image. With CSS you can easily add one or more background images to your website. How to Insert Background Image... Read more

How to Create a Contact Form in HTML and CSS

A contact form requires/ needs to collect atleast three things a name, an email address, and a message. Instead of an email address you can collect a phone number or both. Let us start building the contact form. Creating a Contact Us Form in HTML We are going to start... Read more

How to add left, right, bottom & top border in HTML CSS

You can add borders to a parts of a webpage in two ways: Using CSS border property. Using CSS border-style, border-width, and border-color properties. The border is a line that occurs between the padding and margin in HTML and CSS. Using CSS border property. The easiest way to create a... Read more

Why do we use Flexbox? – Answered

We use flexbox because we want to: display a collection of items in either the horizontal or vertical direction. control the dimensions of the items in that one dimension(horizontal or vertical) of your choice. control the spacing between the items. centering items. 1. Display a group of items(vertically or horizontally)... Read more

How can I improve my HTML and CSS Skills?[Answered]

There are two steps you can use in order to improve your HTML and CSS skills: Practice HTML and CSS using the knowledge you already know by building projects. Identify the gaps in your knowledge and filling them in. HTML and CSS are languages that you can pick up fast... Read more

What is HTML and CSS used for? [Answered]

HTML was the first technology that first powered the first website. Those websites had very minimal features. Today, HTML and CSS are still in use and they do so much more. Today we will look at what each of them does. HTML USES First of all html is the base... Read more