Practical HTML, CSS and Javascript Projects for Beginners(Web Development Projects)


A list of Web Development projects you can create even if you only know HTML. Web development screenshots mashup

HTML Projects

A lot of people struggle with finding projects that they can complete using just HTML.

The first approach is to find pure HTML projects. If that is what you need, you can use the projects listed under HTML-only projects.

  1. Tribute project page tribute page screenshot
  2. Wikipedia clone project page
  3. Youtube clone project page
  4. Google Search Result page
  5. Documentation page.(coming soon)
  6. Blog page
  7. Business page.(coming soon)
  8. NGO's page.(coming soon)

The second approach is to pick a project that will require both HTML and CSS skills.

Then, use your HTML skills to add the correct HTML markup and content to your webpage. Don’t bother with the making the webpage look great(styling). That will require some CSS knowledge.

Later, you can learn some CSS, and then style the website look pretty.

HTML and CSS Projects

Once you have learnt some CSS, you can start making your web pages stand out and look great. Use some of these projects to continue testing and improving your skills.

  1. A tribute page
  2. An Online Survey Form
  3. A product landing page
  4. A technical documentation page
  5. Your portfolio website
  6. Homepage
  7. Google Search Result page
  8. Youtube clone project page
  9. Pluralsight signup page clone (View screenshot)

Beginner Javascript Projects

Once you have some Javascript knowledge under your belt, you can attempt some of the following Javascript projects:

  1. Bin2Dec: Binary-to-Decimal number converter
  2. Border Radius Previewer: Preview how CSS3 border-radius values affect an element.
  3. Calculator: Calculator
  4. Stopwatch App: Count time spent on activities
  5. TrueOrFalse: Identify the result of a conditional comparison.
  6. Christmas Lights: Simulate a string of Christmas lights
  7. Cause Effect App: Click list item to display item details
  8. Color Cycle: Cycle a color value through incremental changes
  9. Countdown Timer: Event Countdown timer
  10. CSV2JSON App: CSV to JSON converter
  11. Dollars to Cents: Convert dollars to cents
  12. Dynamic CSS Variables: Dynamically change CSS variable settings
  13. First DB App: Your first Database app!
  14. Vigenere Cipher: Encrypt text using the Vigenere Cypher
  15. Wind Chill: Calculate the windchill factor from an actual temperature.
  16. Flip Image: Change the orientation of images across two axes
  17. GitHub Status: Display Current GitHub Status
  18. Hello: User native language greeting
  19. IOT Mailbox Simulator: Use callbacks to check your snail mail
  20. JS Input Validation: Script to validate inputs entered by a user using RegEx
  21. JSON2CSV App: JSON to CSV converter
  22. Key Value: Keyboard Event Values
  23. Lorem Ipsum Generator: Generate lorem ipsum placeholder text
  24. Notes App: Create an online note pad
  25. Pearson Regression: Calculate the correlation coefficient for two sets of data
  26. Pomodoro Clock: Task timer to aid personal productivity
  27. Product Landing Page: Showcase product details for possible buyers
  28. Quiz App: Test your knowledge by answering questions
  29. Recipe App: Recipe
  30. Random Meal Generator: Generate random meals
  31. Roman to Decimal Converter: Convert Roman to Decimal numbers
  32. Slider Design: Display images using a slider control
  33. Word Frequency: Calculate word frequency in a block.
  34. Weather App: Get the temperature, weather condition of a city.


  1. Thanks Florinpop for the Javascript projects collection. You can also visit his website
  2. Freecodecamp: I highly recommend Freecodecamp’s curricullum for anyone who wants to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  3. The Odin Project: They also have a curricullum that tackles Frontend and Backend web development.