Youtube Clone page HTML CSS project


  • Knowledge required: HTML only
  • Difficulty: Beginner friendly.
  • Estimate project completion time: 2 hours

Skill focus of the project

Some of the HTML skills that you will practice while doing this project are:

  1. Adding different types of text like headings, lists, and links to a website.
  2. Changing emphasis on text using bold and italics.
  3. Adding an image on a web page and image captions.

Main components of Youtube Webpage

You must include the following parts in your completed project:

  1. You must include a search bar on the top part of the Youtube's page.
  2. You should include an iframe of the Youtube Video on the page.
  3. You included the title of the video.

The final project should look like this: View full size image

Bonus practice

  1. Create a HTML-only Wikipedia page
  2. Create a HTML-only Tribute Page
  3. Create a HTML-only Google Search Result page
  4. Create a HTML-only Signup form page
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