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Main parts of a web page layout with examples

There are 5 main parts of any web page layout... Read more

How to make a single line and multi-line comment in HTML

You can create a single line comment by putti... Read more

How to create internal links to a section on the same page in HTML

You can create a link to a specific section or ... Read more

Can you make a website with just HTML?[Answered]

Yes, you can make a website using your knowledg... Read more

Are HTML tags case sensitive?

No. HTML tags are not case sensitive. You can w... Read more

Best books to learn html for beginners

Books are wonderful way to learn a new skill. Y... Read more

HTML project: Signup Form page

Knowledge required: HTML only ... Read more

10 famous HTML-only website examples

When you are starting to learn Web development,... Read more

How many HTML tags are there in HTML[Answered]

I researched and counted all the HTML tags, so ... Read more

HTML Tags List For Table

List of all elements used to create a HTML ta... Read more

Html Project: Wikipedia page

Stats Knowledge required: HTML only Diff... Read more

HTML-Only projects

Tribute Practice Page Crea... Read more

HTML project: Google search result

Knowledge required: HTML only ... Read more

HTML projects: Youtube page

Knowledge required: HTML only ... Read more


Stats Knowledge required: HTM... Read more

Learning React in 20 hours: 2nd attempt

Day 1: The first 2 hours(28th March 2020) This... Read more

What is a react component?

A React component is an independent piece of yo... Read more

How to upload a picture to Codepen

There are some common challenges that you are g... Read more

How to find great web developer project ideas

Sometimes, when you are learning to code, you m... Read more

15 projects-based tutorials to practice html and css skills

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What is the best way to practice coding?

There are two methods you can use to practice c... Read more

How do I learn HTML?

Maybe you have heard that HTML is the languag... Read more

Why do we use Flexbox? – Answered

We use flexbox because we want to: ... Read more

How can I improve my HTML and CSS skills?Answered

There are two steps you can use in order to i... Read more

How to get and set margin in Javascript

Margin in javascript is the same margin in html... Read more