How To Add A Page & Subpage In Google Sites[3 Methods]


You can add a page to Google Sites in 3 different ways

Creating a New Page

Click on the pages tab located on the right hand side.

google sites pages tab

Click on Add(+) sign at the bottom.

google sites pages list

You will be prompted to give a name for the new page.

google sites page name

Click on “Done” to add a new page.

The page will be automatically shown on the navigation bar. If you want, you can stop the page from showing up on the navigation bar.

When To Use It

When you want to create a new page from scratch

Duplicating an existing Page

Find the pages tab on the right side of your page and click on it.

google sites pages tab

Find the page you want to duplicate from the list of pages.

google sites pages list

Hover your mouse on the page you want to duplicate. You should see three dots on the right side.

google sites page menu

Click on the three dots. You should see a list of options.

google sites page menu options

Click on the option labeled duplicate.

google sites duplicate option

When To Use It

When you want to use the existing layout a new page

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