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How to Display HTML content in Textarea Using Javascript

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to display HTML content inside a textarea using JavaScript?. Getting Started Before we dive into the code, make sure you have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll need these skills to follow along. HTML Structure Let’s begin by... Read more

How To Get Textarea Value In Javascript

In this article, we’ll explore how to retrieve the value entered into a textarea element, in a simple and straightforward manner. Understanding Textareas Before we dive into JavaScript, it’s important to grasp the basics of textarea elements. These are HTML elements used to create multi-line text input fields, typically used... Read more

How to Make Textarea Not Resizable

By default, most web browsers allow users to resize textareas by dragging the bottom-right corner. However, there might be situations where you want to prevent users from resizing the textarea. So, how do you stop this. The CSS resize Property The resize property in CSS controls whether an element, such... Read more

How to Make a Contact Form Send Email Using HTML

If you have a website and want to allow visitors to contact you easily, adding a contact form can be a great idea. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a simple contact form in HTML that can send emails. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar... Read more

How Many Heading Tags Are There in HTML? [Answered]

HTML has six different heading tags, ranging from h1 to h6. The h1 tag is the most important and represents the main heading on a page. The h2 tag represents a subheading, and so on, with the h6 tag being the least important. They six HTML heading tags are: Here... Read more

All Html Tags List With Examples [Latest]

HTML Tag List HTML Element Name HTML Tag a <a href=""></a> abbr <abbr></abbr> address <address></address> area <area shape="" coords="" href=""> article <article></article> aside <aside></aside> audio <audio></audio> b <b></b> base <base href=""> bdi <bdi></bdi> bdo <bdo></bdo> blockquote <blockquote></blockquote> body <body></body> br <br> button <button></button> canvas <canvas></canvas> caption <caption></caption> cite <cite></cite> code... Read more

How to Make a list in HTML[Number & Bullet Lists]

You can create lists of one or more related items in HTML. HTML has a set of tags that allows you to create different types of lists. You can make bullet lists, number lists, lists within other lists, and description lists. Bullet list HTML You can create a bullet point... Read more

How to add one or more Paragraphs in HTML

You can easily add a paragraph in HTML by using the paragraph HTML tags. Code <p>This is a simple HTML paragraph.</p> Result This is a simple HTML paragraph. How to create a single paragraph in HTML To create a single paragraph you wrap you paragraph’s test with a pair of... Read more

How to add Youtube video in HTML

Youtube provides a great way to add videos to your HTML website that works on all browsers. You just need to get the embed code from the video and add it to your HTML code. No more worry about unsupported video formats on your website. 4 Steps to Add Youtube... Read more

Clickable image: How to link HTML image to URL

You can make an image clickable by wrapping the image html tag(<img>) with link html tag(<a></a>). First, start off by adding an image using HTML. code: <img class="linked-image" src=" " alt="Flying drone with camera"> Wrap the image with a link: code: <a href=""> <img class="linked-image" src="" alt="Flying drone... Read more

Can HTML Buttons Have href?[Answered]

HTML buttons cannot have href attribute if they are created using button <button> </button> HTML tags. However, you can use href attribute if you create the buttons using link <a> </a> HTML tags. How to Add href to HTML Buttons There are two methods you can use to add href... Read more

Should HTML be Indented?[Answered]

Yes, HTML should be indented uniformly because it makes HTML code more readable. This results in an easier to maintain code compared to HTML code without indentations. How to Indent HTML Code There are three common methods used to indent HTML code: two spaces, four spaces and tab space. All... Read more

Does HTML Interpeters Ignore White Space

Does HTML interpreters ignore white space The HTML interpreter ignore white spaces by default. HTML ignore any space added after the first space between words. Any space at the start or end of a HTML tags is completely ignored. HTML interpreters also ignore line breaks by default. This is a... Read more

How to Center a HTML Form in CSS

The best way to center a form horizontally in HTML and CSS is by using CSS flexbox. It is responsive and works well on mobile, tablet and desktop view. Previously, we used to rely on methods that seemed like some CSS hacks. CSS flexbox came to solve such problems. How... Read more

How To Create A Simple Right Sidebar In HTML CSS

A sidebar is a smaller section of a web page that contains links and components that are important on that website. You usually place it to the right, or left of the main content. A website can contain both the right and left sidebar. How to Create a Simple Sidebar... Read more

Main parts of a web page layout with examples

There are 5 main parts of any web page layout that you will encounter are. These are: headers navigation bars main content area sidebars footers Most web pages will contain all the five parts. However, some web pages may omit some of the parts e.g. - a landing page or... Read more

Can you make a website with just HTML?[Answered]

Yes, you can make a website using your knowledge of HTML only. I have created an example website purely out of HTML that you can checkout for yourself. Here is how it looks like. You can confirm for yourself that I have not added any CSS to style the website... Read more

Are HTML tags case sensitive?

No. HTML tags are not case sensitive. You can write all HTML tags in lowercase or uppercase and they will be correctly rendered on a browser. This means that <h1>lowercase</h1> and <H1>UPPERCASE</H1> will work on any browser. Can HTML tags be uppercase? You can write HTML tags in uppercase and... Read more

Learn HTML Guide: things to learn in HTML

When learning HTML, you should know the tools and the language used in creating website. Learning the tools will help you create website with any available tools. Learning the language will help you able to create your first project. You will also be able to Google and ask questions that... Read more

Best books to learn html for beginners

Books are wonderful way to learn a new skill. You can learn the Basics of HTML and CSS from well written books in this subject. The two books I would recommend most are written by Shay howe, and Jon Duckett. Book 1: Learn to Code HTML and CSS: Develop and... Read more

10 Famous HTML-only Website Examples

When you are starting to learn Web development, you hear about all these languages and frameworks you have to learn. Let me tell you, you don’t need all of them. At first. Infact, you can create something useful with just one of the languages namely: HTML. This list of websites... Read more

How many HTML tags are there in HTML[Answered]

There are 142 and 132 HTML tags according to Mozilla Developer Network(MDN) and respectively. I looked at all the major websites that list HTML tags and collected all the numbers in this blog post. I researched and counted all the HTML tags, so you don’t have to count them... Read more

HTML Tags List For Table

List of all elements used to create a HTML table You can use the following HTML tags to make a table your web page. table <table> </table> thead <thead> </thead> tbody <tbody> </tbody> th <th> </th> tr <tr> </tr> td <td> </td> tfoot <tfoot> </tfoot> col <col> colspan=”2” rowspan=”3” colgroup... Read more

How do I learn HTML?

Maybe you have heard that HTML is the language used to make websites and you are wondering how do I learn this new language. Fortunately, for you there is enough learning materials and html is not complicated once you get a hang of it. To learn HTML, you will have... Read more

How can I improve my HTML and CSS Skills?[Answered]

There are two steps you can use in order to improve your HTML and CSS skills: Practice HTML and CSS using the knowledge you already know by building projects. Identify the gaps in your knowledge and filling them in. HTML and CSS are languages that you can pick up fast... Read more

What does form do in HTML?

A HTML form is used to get user input on a website(or web app) and then use the input to interact with a server. The HTML form element does three things: Holds and contain the elements that will collect the input. point to where the collected data (from the form)... Read more

What is HTML and CSS used for? [Answered]

HTML was the first technology that first powered the first website. Those websites had very minimal features. Today, HTML and CSS are still in use and they do so much more. Today we will look at what each of them does. HTML USES First of all html is the base... Read more

How to Run HTML File on Localhost

Normally when I want to view a HTML file, I just right-click it and choose to open it with a web browser. However, I wanted to run a html page using localhost. I went online, researched and found 3 methods that works. Outline What is localhost and where can I... Read more

What html tags are used in creating forms

The html tags used in creating forms online are <form> </form> tags pair. These 2 html tags are the container that holds other tags that create the form fields to be filled. The tags used together with the form tags are: <label> </label> <input> <textarea> </textarea> <button> <select> <option> <optgroup> <fieldset>... Read more

How to Learn HTML for Free

You have heard that HTML is used to make website. This post is for you if you want to learn HTML but you have still have some nagging questions. Yes, you can learn HTML without having to go to a college or a boot camp. In fact, you can learn HTML... Read more

How to Display HTML Tags as Plain Text in HTML

You can show HTML tags as plain text in HTML on a website or webpage by replacing < with   &lt;  or &60; and >   with  &gt; or &62; on each HTML tag that you want to be visible. Ordinarily, HTML tags are not visible to the reader on the browser. They... Read more


Back when I was learning HTML, I had a hard time coming up with HTML practice project ideas. You may be going through the same challenge. I made this list so that you don’t waste time trying to find ideas. The ideas in this list are open-ended. You can choose... Read more

How to Learn and Practice HTML & CSS Offline

You can practice HTML offline by using a browser, a text editor and a reference guide. The reference guide can be a book, website, or video(saved offline). By now I am assuming you have learnt some HTML using online tool and tutorials. However, you also want to practice HTML without... Read more

Learn HTML For Beginners With Examples: Practical Guide

In this beginner-friendly guide your will learn the basics of HTML through a hands-on and practical approach. This guide is tailored for anyone with interest in learning HTML and how it contribute to the world of websites. No previous coding knowledge required. Outline What is HTML? Tools For Working With... Read more