Can you make a website with just HTML?[Answered]


Yes, you can make a website using your knowledge of HTML only. I have created an example website purely out of HTML that you can checkout for yourself. Here is how it looks like.

Screenshot of HTML only website

You can confirm for yourself that I have not added any CSS to style the website .

So, what does a HTML only website contain?

A HTML only website usually has the following elements:

  • text(headings and paragraphs)
  • images
  • links
  • embeded videos examples like youtube, Vimeo, e.t.c.

Will the website look great? No. You cannot expect the website to look great until you apply styling to it. A HTML website will adopt the default style of the browser it is viewed on.

CSS comes in to give you the ability to add specific design to the website. With CSS and CSS libraries, you can give clear instructions on how you want each individual HTML elements to look like.

I want to make a website with only HTML. What should I do?

I created a guide that can help you achieve that. You get to learn which tools you should use when building your first HTML project.

Is HTML enough to create a website?

It depends on the kind of website you are creating. If you want to create a simple website, go ahead and create one with just HTML. It will work just like any other website.

However, if you want to change how its design and style, you have to look to CSS and CSS libraries to do that. With CSS, you can take the HTML website you have created and make improvements on it.

Can a website be made without HTML?

Yes you can make website without knowing HTML. Thanks to systems like CMS(content management systems) like Wordpress, we can create website and publish content without understanding how the underlying technology works. Just as we drive cars without tinkering with them under the hood.

However, the final result that will be displayed on the browser will be a html page.

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