10 Famous HTML-only Website Examples

When you are starting to learn Web development, you hear about all these languages and frameworks you have to learn. Let me tell you, you don’t need all of them.

At first.

Infact, you can create something useful with just one of the languages namely: HTML.

HTML Website Screenshot

This list of websites contains created using HTML and they still pass on their message.

So, If you have something to share with the world please create and share it.

These website focused first on content and they pass their message despite the lack of sophisticated styling.

Here are 7 website that are built with only HTML to inspire you as you begin your journey of creating HTML websites.

1. First HTML Website(The WWW project)

The first website that was ever created was made with HTML only. Tim Bernes Lee published the first web page in 1991.

First HTML website screenshot

You can browse the first website and see how it works.

The main domain holding the website is: http://info.cern.ch/

View First Pure HTML website

2. X.COM

X.COM was a Financial company owned by Elon Musk that later became Paypal after a series of acquisition and mergers.

The company later formed Paypal. Now, the remaining website is written in HTML only. The only character contained on the website is an X.

X.com HTML website screenshot

It still gets an estimate of 281,000 page views per month and has an Alexa ranking of 150,985.

visit x.com pure HTML website


3. The mother**website.com

Its a fairly know website in the developer world. In fact there are other website created in response to this website message.

Redacted HTML Website Screenshot

It’s language is a bit rough on the edges but hey it’s passes its message.

It gets about 1600 visitors per day and has an Alexa ranking of 544,847.

View mother**website.com pure HTML website

4. Toad.com Website

This website is a fairly old one and it uses just a little bit of CSS to align the website to the middle.

Toad.com has an 94 estimated daily unique visitors, 188 Daily Pageviews and an Alexa ranking of #10,392,051.

5. https://html-revolution.org/

This is a website that is part of a movement to discourage creation of bloated websites.

It’s about 7 months old.

6. Marc Seitz portfolio Website

This website is created by Marc Seitz as part of his portfolio. His website is part of the HTML revolution.

7. Fluffbucket

This website uses tables to achieve this layout. This was a practice used some years ago when CSS did not have good enough layout feature.

Currently, it is considered a bad practice to use table for layout.

8.ACME Laboratories

ACME Laboratories is an old website created in 1994. You can expect to read about Graphics, Unix, Networks and Humour.

The website has some little css to give the background some color and to align some images.


9. Txti

Txti is a free website service that allows anyone to publish simple fast loading web pages.

Gamified Website Design Screenshot

It has some little CSS that allows for the website content to be centered.

10. Simplified Web Design Webpage

This is a simplified walkthrough of how to create a website that helps you focus on the important component first: your content.

Gamified Website Design Screenshot

Its starts out as a HTML website that ends up getting some CSS styling that make it appear better than before.

It a bit simplified which makes it a good resource for beginners.

11. Personal Blog

The website has minimal styling. The website currently has 3 well written blog posts. I stumbled on this website when I was searching information about creating a serverless authentication website.


With the examples above, you can see that it is possible to create websites with just HTML.

Take the next step and check out our list of free online HTML courses you can take at the home.

If learn HTML will help you share it go ahead. but don’t want to learn all the languages that you hear about then don’t Just learn HTML.

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