Does HTML Interpeters Ignore White Space


Does HTML interpreters ignore white space

The HTML interpreter ignore white spaces by default. HTML ignore any space added after the first space between words. Any space at the start or end of a HTML tags is completely ignored. HTML interpreters also ignore line breaks by default.

This is a feature of HTML and it does not happen by mistake.

How to stop HTML Browsers from ignoring whitespace

1. Use <pre></pre> HTML tags

Pre HTML tags by default is the best solution when it comes to preserving whitespace. Most people use it to maintain the indentations and structures of code snippets and poems.

2. Use HTML whitespace character

There are about 19 HTML whitespace characters.

You can use any of them to add whitespace to your webpage.

The most commonly used white character is: &nbsp;. So if you want 10 spaces, you write   10 times.

3. Use linebreak and paragraph HTML tags

Best used if your content can be organized in lines and paragraphs.

If you want to create space between two paragraphs, wrap the two paragraphs in two separate <p></p> HTML tags.

The line break character adds a new line within a paragraph content. You can create space between two lines, by adding <br> HTML tag in between the two lines.

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