How many HTML tags are there in HTML[Answered]


There are 142 and 132 HTML tags according to Mozilla Developer Network(MDN) and respectively. I looked at all the major websites that list HTML tags and collected all the numbers in this blog post. I researched and counted all the HTML tags, so you don’t have to count them yourself. Screenshot of showing total number of HTML tags

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Recently, I have been wondering how many HTML tags exist. I searched online, like you but I could not find an exact answer. I wrote this article as a final answer to that question.

For purpose of this report, a html tag can be self-closing single tag <tag> or a pair of HTML tags <tag></tag>.

My approach: Check 5 HTML reference websites.

For my source, I chose 5 websites that are mostly used as references for developers. These are:,, Mozilla Developer Network(MDN),, and


Total Number of HTML tags

Reference Website Total number of HTML tags
Mozilla Developer Network(MDN) 142 132 119 115 113 69

Current usable HTML tags

These HTML tags are part of the current version of HTML(HTML5).

Reference Website Total number Supported HTML tags
Mozilla Developer Network(MDN) 111 113 107

Depracated HTML tags

These are HTML tags that are not supported by the HTML standards. They used to be there but some times ago but they were removed from the current version of HTML- HTML5.

Reference Website Total number Unsupported HTML tags
Mozilla Developer Network(MDN) 31 19 12

Since you already know what HTML tags are, you can go ahead and create your first webpage using HTML.

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