Learn HTML Guide: things to learn in HTML


When learning HTML, you should know the tools and the language used in creating website.

Learning the tools will help you create website with any available tools.

Learning the language will help you able to create your first project. You will also be able to Google and ask questions that makes sense to fellow web developers.

List of things you should be able to accomplish when learning HTML.

  1. Add text to a webpage.

    At the first stage, you should be able to add text to the webpage using a text editor and view the result on the browser. You can also familiarise with the basic HTML tags that are included in every webpage.

  2. Format text as heading, paragraph, list, superscripts, subscripts, etc. You can then move on to using markup to label text as headings and other markups styles.
  3. Add emphasis on text using bold or italics. You will learn how to add bold and italics using various methods.
  4. Add links to a webpage.
  5. Add Images and videos to a webpage.
  6. Add styles to a webpage on the head tag.
  7. Add basic styling to a webpage.
  8. How to use class and Id to style different elements of HTML.

List of projects you can make

  1. Hello World HTML page.
  2. Tribute page.
  3. Youtube page.
  4. Documentation page.
  5. Blog page. You can continue reading the whole list of HTML Projects you can try out.
  6. Simple form.

I love these projects because you can also use them to practice CSS. Infact when you want to practice CSS, you will be a step ahead since you will improving on your already built projects not starting afresh.

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