HTML project: Signup Form page


  • Knowledge required: HTML only
  • Difficulty: Beginner friendly.
  • Estimate project completion time: 4 hours

Skill focus of the project

Some of the HTML skills that you will practice while doing this project are:

  1. Adding a company's logo image and relevant buttons.
  2. Adding input elements to collect user information during sign up.
  3. Adding different types of text like headings, paragraphs and links to a webpage.
  4. Changing emphasis on text using bold and italics.

Main components of Sign up form Webpage

You must include the following parts in your completed project:

  1. You must include a logo on the top part of the signup page.
  2. You should include atleast two inputs: one for the email and the other one for password. You can add additional ones for name and phone number.
  3. You must also include a submit button that is used to send the information to a server.
  4. You must include some links to another page of the website e.g. privacy policy or login page.

The final project should look like this: View full size image

Bonus practice

  1. Create a HTML-only Wikipedia page
  2. Create a HTML-only Tribute Page
  3. Create a html only Youtube page clone.
  4. Create a HTML-only Google Search Result page
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