Can Static Website Have Javascript?[Answered]


Static websites can contain Javascript. Infact, most static website have Javascript. Javascript is added to static websites through Javascript file or inline through a script tag.

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A website is considered a static website if the server delivers the files stored in the server as without any change or manipulation. Dynamic websites on the other hand creates web pages only when a user visits the website. You can read read more on the differences between dynamic and static website.

How is Javascript Used in Static Websites

1. Linking Javascript files to static HTML CSS website to add interactive features.

After creating your HTML and CSS website, you can add interactivity to your website using Javascript.

All you need is to create a javascript file for example navbar.js. Then, you can link the javascript file to the HTML file on the website using script tag <script src="navbar.js"></script>.

2. Static websites generates using Javascript Front-end frameworks.

Javascript website frameworks like React, Vue and Angular allow you to create websites using Javascript.

Once you are done creating the website, you build a production ready website. This website contains all the required files(HTML, CSS, Javascript, images, etc) you need to run your website on the server.

The final created website will contain Javascript files.

If you use static site generators powered by front-end frameworks, you will be using javascript to create the website. Your final website will contain minified Javascript.

Most popular front-end powered static site generators use React and Vue. React-based static site generators include Gatsby, Next.js, and Docusaurus. Some of the popular Vue Static website generators are Nuxt.js, VuePress, Docsify and Gridsome.

Is Javascript Neccessary in Static Websites

If you are going to add interactivity to your website, then you will need Javascript. However, if you just need a simple website without interactive components, you can survive without Javascript in your static website.

There is no escaping Javascript if you If you create static website using front-end frameworks must contain javascript

Comments Dynamic websites on the other hand creates web pages on the fly when a user requests them. If you use React-based, Vue-based static site generators, you are going to use javascript while creating the website.

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