How are websites created today[Answered]

how are websites created

Every day, people across the globe create about 547200 websites. Everyone uses their own process when it comes to creating websites. We can group website creation methods into three different categories:

  1. Using Website Building platforms
  2. Using content management systems
  3. Using coding skills

1. Websites created using Website Builders

Website builders are web-based platforms that let you create a website fast and with minimal effort.

If you have zero technical skills, then a website builder is your first choice.

They are online-based, so there is nothing to set up, download or install. All you need is to log in or signup on to the platform’s website. Once you log in, you can create and manage your websites.

Process of Creating Websites Using Website Builders

Main Reasons to Use Website Builders

Main Reasons Not to Use Website Builders

2. Website created using content management systems(CMS)

Content management systems(CMS) are web-based software programs that you can use to create and manage your website content. CMS’s are also moderately easy to use once you understand how they work.

You don’t need coding knowledge to build a website using a CMS. But, you have to install the CMS on your Webhosting server. It’s not complex to install a majority of the CMS. Most web hosts have configured their setup to make this step straight forward.

Process of Creating Websites Using CMS

Main Reasons to Use a CMS

Main Reasons Not to Use

3. Websites created using coding skills

You can make a website by writing the code that will run on the web hosting server.

You can create the website yourself, hire a developer, or a team of developers. You either need to know how to code, or you need to get someone who can code.

You get to choose all the tools that will needed in creating your website. You will be needed coding languages, frameworks, databases, and libraries.

You have the greatest control over all parts of your website through this method. If one tool has limitations in any way, you build a custom extension for it, or you swap it with another one. The only limit is your team’s ability and time.

Process of Creating Websites Through Coding


Main reasons to use

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