HTML CSS Projects: Survey Form

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Forms are a critical component in all websites.

They help you login, sign up, send information, upload files and even do online transactions on websites. Without forms, there would be no way to make websites interactive.

Therefore, learning how to create forms is a critical step in your web development journey.

Skill focus of the Survey Form Project

In the survey form project, you will be practicing how to create a website form. You will be able to create all the elements of a form using HTML.

Using CSS, you will be able to style the form to resemble the original design.

You won’t need any Javascript for this project.

This form will not be able to send data in its current state. Think of this project as building a strong foundation.

You can still learn how to send data using a form at a later stage. When you do, you can come back and add that functionality.

Main components of a Survey Form

You will be creating 5 main components you need to include in the survey form.

Examples of Survey Form Projects

  1. freeCodeCamp Survey Form

  2. Good Vibes Survey Form

  3. Humorous Survey Form

You can check the origin of this project for more details.