What Is Bootstrap CDN Used For [Insanely Easy Guide]


A vast number of developers use Bootstrap though CDN. But what exactly is Bootstrap CDN?

What is Bootstrap CDN

Bootstrap CDN are Javascript and CSS links that you can use to add Bootstrap to your website instead of adding Bootstrap files to your website.

When a new version of Bootstrap is released, corresponding CDN links are created. Some of the Bootstrap CDN links you can use are:

The most used Bootstrap CDN links are from jsDelivr and CDNjs.

1. Bootstrap 5 CDN

2. Bootstrap 4 CDN

You can view other Bootstrap CDN links on jsDelivr and CDN JS.

  • font awesome bootstrap cdn
  • popper js cdn
  • bootstrap icons cdn

  • stackpath bootstrap cdn
  • Bootstrap cdn google
  • react bootstrap cdn
  • latest bootstrap cdn

where to Put Bootstrap CDN

  • how and where to add the bootstrap CDN

how to properly Add Bootstrap V4 CSS CDN to HTML

You need to get the latest Bootstrap 4 cdn links from the cdn provider. Add the CSS link to the head section of your HTML page. The Javascript and Jquery links should be added just before the body``` closing tag on the same HTML page.

The latest Bootstrap 4 CSS cdn link is:

Paste that in the head section on your HTML page.

Your Bootstrap 4 Javascript and Jquery links are:

Find the closing body tag </body>. Paste your Javascript and Jquery tags before the closing body tag.

where to Put Bootstrap js CDN

You should put Bootstrap JS CDN just before the body closing tag. Adding it as the last item on the web page allows the important HTML, and CSS files to be displayed without waiting for Javascript.

where to Put Bootstrap CDN in CSS or HTML File

Bootstrap CDN links are always added to the HTML file.

How Much Space Does Bootstrap CDN Install Take Up

Bootstrap CDN takes zero space on you server. Instead the files are stored on a network of global servers(CDN) to make the easily accessible to everyone on a server closest to them.

When a visitor visits the website, Bootstrap files will be downloaded on the visitors browser. If you are using the minified versions, Bootstrap will take — for version 5 and — for version 4.

If you use the non-minified version, Bootstrap 5 will use — while Bootstrap 4 is — in size.

What is This New Integrity Tag in the Bootstrap CDN

The integrity tag contains a value(hash) that the browser uses to check if the Bootstrap file being downloaded from the CDN has been manipulated.

Incase the browser check indicates any modification, the browser stops the files from being loaded by the website.

The hash is generated through file hashing. They take the Bootstrap file and run it through a file hashing program that generates the hash. This has is a representative of the file. When the browser receives the file from the CDN, it runs the file through its own file hashing program and generates a hash. It then compares the value on the integrity tag with its generated hash.

If they are the same, the browser allows the script tag to run. If they are different, the browser blocks the Javascript code from the CDN from running.

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