HTML-Only projects

Have you learnt some HTML and want to test your knowledge?

Well, you can use you knowledge to build pure HTML projects.

Your aim will be to create a HTML version of some websites. Your version will not look great because you will not be using CSS for now. But, by the end, you will have create a functional website.

Tribute Practice Page

Create a HTML project as a Tribute to your Hero.

View Tribute Page Project

Youtube Practice Project

Practice your HTML skills by creating HTML-only version of Youtube.

View Youtube Project

Wikipedia Practice Project

Create a HTML-only version of Wikipedia as you practice your HTML skills.

View Project

Google Search Result Project

Create a HTML-only version of Google search result page as you practice your HTML skills.

View Google Search Result Project

Documentation Practice Project

Create a Project Documentation page as you share knowledge in a specific field.

View Documentation Project
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